RBCU Credit Card Conversion

Key changes for current RBCU VISA Credit Cardholders

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On March 15th, 2020, RBCU switched credit card processing companies. With this change, all current RBCU Visa Credit Cardholders will be receive a brand-new card from RBCU. 

If you did not received your New RBCU VISA Credit Card by March 15, 2020, call our Call Center at 612.798.7100.


Changes to cardholders

  • A new RBCU Visa Rewards Credit Card will be issued to you. Your old card will no longer be valid as of 3/15.
  • Any pre-authorized or reoccurring charges (cable bill, cell phone, etc) billed to your old card, will need to be updated with your new card number
  • All accumulated rewards points will transfer to the new platform
  • New features will be introduced that will improve ease of use and functionality- including a more robust Cardholder Web Application that will replace eZCard info. It will still have an SSO from our Online Banking, but also allow Members to access it without Online Banking Enrollment.

Exciting New Features

  • Card Controls – Members will be able to turn their credit cards on or off in the New Cardholder App
  • Transaction Text Alerts
  • 2 New Card Products – RBCU is adding 2 new credit card products with this conversion.
    o Visa Business Credit Card – allows the business owner more viewing options and better statement features. It also increases RBCU’s Interchange income
    o Visa Signature Credit Card – Advanced CU Rewards Redemption options, such as, Gift Cards and Statement Credit/Bank Credit. Increases RBCU’s Interchange Income.
  • Advanced Secure Payment Technology – RBCU’s new Visa Signature Credit Card and Visa Business Credit Card will be Contactless Cards. This will allow Members to “tap and pay” at participating merchants.
  • Online Balance Transfer options available Online
  • Lost/Stolen Card Replacement options available Online

(Moving Members to the Signature and Business Cards will be Phase 2 of the Conversion Project)

Communication to Members

Here are the communications and materials sent to members for notice of the conversion


Why is RBCU doing a card conversion?

  • New convenience features
  • Enhanced security measures

What are some of the new features you’ll be offering?

  • More member-enabled features
  • Additional fraud & security card controls (turn on and off functions)
  • Enhanced mobile and online banking options
  • Contactless payment for Signature and Business Visa Cards
  • More robust rewards program

When will I receive my new cards?

  • New cards will be mailed first class the first week of March and will arrive before 3/14.

Will my card number be the same as my old card number?

  • No, members will be issued a new card number by our new card processing vendor

*  If you have reoccurring payments, please contact all merchants with your new card number, expiration date, and CVV code to avoid any interruption in service you may have with them. 

I am not going to be at my usual address around the time my cards are scheduled to arrive (Early March, 2020) – i.e.  on vacation, deployed, Snowbird, or moving- I am concerned about how I will get my new cards.  What can I do to make sure my cards get to me before my old card gets shut off?

  • Please contact us before 2/21 to notify us of the correct mailing address to ensure your new card arrives in time.

What will my new card look like?

  • Flat print (not embossed/raised numbers)
  • Name, card number, expiration and CVV number will all be on the back of the card 

Do I need to activate my new card?

  • Yes, beginning on March 15th
  • For your security, you will need to call from your phone number on file to activate the card and set up a PIN.

My old RBCU credit card does not expire for a while. Can I just use my old card until it expires?

  • Unfortunately, no. Your current Visa credit card can only be used until midnight on March 14th.
  • All of the old RBCU Rewards Visa credit cards will be shut off on March 15th.

Will there be any changes to the CU Rewards for my credit card?

  • Scorecard Rewards will now be called CU Rewards – and can be redeemed for merchandise, travel & more!
  • Scorecard Reward points will automatically be converted to CU Rewards points – point for point.
  • There will be no interruption in the accrual of reward points 

Will there be any fee changes?

  • No, fees will remain the same.

Will I need to re-enroll in eStatements?

  • If you received eStatements on the old system, your enrollment was transferred to the new platform.

Members Who Activate and Conduct 10 Transactions Between April 1 – May 31 will earn 5,000 bonus points!