Flags for Fort Snelling - Memorial Day 2018

Flags for Fort Snelling - Memorial Day 2018

Everyone reading this probably knows or is related to someone who has served in the military. Some of you probably even know or are related to someone who died while serving in the military. Many of you therefore may know someone who is buried at Fort Snelling National Cemetery.

What you may not know is there used to be a tradition at Fort Snelling National Cemetery of honoring those who have served by placing a small U.S. Flag at each headstone for Memorial Day. That tradition ended over thirty years ago, due to budget and other resource constraints.

Fortunately, two local women, Joanne Malmstedt and Rocky Borchardt, were inspired in 2015 to re-establish the Memorial Day tradition through the formation of a small non-profit organization called Flags for Fort Snelling.

RBCU is proud to announce that it has partnered with Flags for Fort Snelling to fully restore this tradition for Memorial Day 2018. “I am proud and honored Flags for Fort Snelling is allowing RBCU to support their efforts to restore this important tradition,” stated Greg Worthen, RBCU President. “I love that RBCU and its members will be working together to make this happen!”

Members are asked to support Flags for Fort Snelling in three ways:

  • Raise. Our goal is to raise $100,000 by the end of 2017 to help Flags for Fort Snelling purchase the remaining 150,000 flags needed for Memorial Day 2018. Donations accepted at all RBCU locations.
  • Recruit. In early 2018, RBCU will be recruiting 10,000 volunteers to carry and place flags at each headstone at Fort Snelling National Cemetery for Memorial Day 2018.
  • Recognize. Just simply thank our members and community members who currently are serving or previously served in the military.

So far RBCU has been joined by wounded veteran John Kriesel (Honorary Chairperson) and our friends from Mall of America, KFAN (iHeartMedia), and ClearChannel Outdoor to make Memorial Day Weekend 2018 a special tribute to honor those who have served. Please visit www.rbcu.org for future Flags for Fort Snelling updates and further details.

Fort Snelling National Cemetery is a majestic site to be revered any day of the year, now imagine U.S. Flags adorning all 200,000 headstones every Memorial Day. If nothing else please plan to visit Fort Snelling National Cemetery next Memorial Day and pay your respects and honor the sacrifice of all veterans and their families.